Company Incorporation in Malaysia

When it comes to starting a business in Malaysia, you should employ a licensed and professional company incorporation service. In Bizsy, we help both locals and foreigners with company incorporation. 

Company incorporation in Malaysia is easy, but one is required to go through bureaucratic steps for registration. With our trustworthy company secretary, we manage the formation online and guide you through the process step by step. 

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Advantage of Incorporating A Company with Bizsy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about incorporating a company in Malaysia? 

Learn more about the most frequently asked questions.

Best company structure in Malaysia

  • Sdn Bhd (Private Company)
  • Setting up a Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia does not require a local director
  • Share capital from RM1,000 onwards
  • The statutory requirement of a local company secretary which we will provide
  • Identification Documents
    • – NRIC
    • Passport
  • Proof of Your Residential Address
    • Utility Bills
    • Telco Bills

Each work permit has benefits and detriments suited for:

  • Particular business
  • Class of business
  • Investors

Types of Work Visa in Malaysia

  • Employment Pass Category 1 (Salary > RM10,000)
  • Employment Pass Category 2 (Salary RM5,000 – RM9,999)
  • Employment Pass Category 3 (Salary RM2,500 – RM4,999)

Documents Needed to Open Bank Account

  • Original passport / NRIC and copies
  • Letter of employment from the employer. (if on a work permit)
  • Company’s business profile (super form) and certificate of incorporation
  • All directors need to be present for bank account opening


For work pass holder:

  • Form B (Individuals with Business Income) – Due before 30th June yearly

For the company.

  • Form C (Corporate Tax) – Due before seven months after financial year-end

Requirements for Company Incorporation

​The basic requirements are:

  • Private company – at least one (1) director who ordinarily resides in Malaysia by having a principal place of residence in Malaysia and one (1) promoter; or
  • Public company – at least two directors who ordinarily reside in Malaysia by having a principal place of residence in Malaysia and minimum one promoter.

Once submitted, the application is processed within one (1) working day. If the application complies with all requirements, which then is approved, the applicant will receive notice and approval of registration via their emails.  

The certificate is provided upon request with a prescribed fee.

​​​The requirement for foreign director/member:

  • ​​Must be above 18 years old.
  • Those who are named as the director of a company, should have a principal or only place of residence within Malaysia (Section 196 (4) (a) of the Companies Act 2016).

A company secretary or more than one company secretary may be appointed within 30 days after the company incorporated. Their appointment should be done via Bizsy Company Secretary system provided that they must be the registered professional user.​

Yes, if you are above 18 years old, whether you are a Malaysian or a foreigner. You can have as many directors as you want, or it could be just you.